Amplaz's Digital Services

Digitalization of our lives is an unstoppable trend in today’s world. So every business has to go through effective digital transformation in order to stay ahead. Amplaz's digitalization services are designed to help our customers to grow faster using the expertise of "Amplaz Labs" and "Amplaz Studio".

Amplaz Labs

Amplaz Labs is a high quality software development centre with experienced and customer centric IT professionals which provides following services to our customers.

Digital Transformations

We provide full-scale customer centric digital transformation consultancy from strategy formulation to implementation.

UX Design

We design human centric user experiences and produce high fidelity prototypes validated with actual users.

Software Development

We convert high fidelity UI prototypes to final products using cutting edge mobile, web and back end technologies.

Cloud Solutions

We help our customers make their way successfully to the cloud. We will bring expert capabilities you need to develop cutting edge cloud solutions.

Product Development

We get your product to market faster by building your MVPs in record time. We have streamlined process to discover and develop new software products 2X faster.

Software Architecture

We analyze operational and technical requirements, and design solutions that optimizes security, performance and scalability using modern architectures.

Amplaz Studio

Amplaz Studio is a powerful digital marketing and digital content creation centre with a team of creative growth hackers which provides following services to our customers.


We provide the consultancy services to craft an effective digital marketing strategy with an actionable implementation plan for your organization.

Digital Marketing

We can execute powerful digital marketing campaigns with quantitative objectives and generate the real results for your organization in measurable manner.

Creative Content

We can create attractive videography and creative content for your digital media needs using modern equipments, tools and techniques.

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