Amplaz Innovation Incubator

Tailor made synergy for Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs

'Amplaz Innovation Incubator,' is your one-stop solution for turning startup dreams into reality. Benefit from the synergy of our advanced technology development center, 'Amplaz Labs,' and the digital marketing expertise of 'Amplaz Studio.' Let us handle the details, so founders can focus on what matters most: solving problems and achieving product-market fit.

One-stop Synergy

Elevate your startup by developing not just your product, but also all essential materials – websites, mobile apps, logos, branding, and social media campaigns – with the expertise of Amplaz Labs and Amplaz Studio.

No Time Waste

Embark on your innovation journey within 48 hours, receiving your initial product delivery in just 4 weeks; we skip the wait, diving straight into building and delivering your backlog in an agile manner.

Minimum Cost

Initiate your innovation as low as £2000 cost, receiving the initial delivery within 4 weeks. Enjoy the flexibility to expand your outsourced team within Amplaz at a low cost, eliminating the risks of hiring your own.

Case Study

Enjoy Your Lifestyle with Tagoora

Tagoora Platform

Tagoora is a “Leisure Lifestyle Experience (LLE)” selling marketplace which connects LLE buyers and LLE suppliers together. Tagoora has a catalog of diverse LLEs by different LLE suppliers, which can be previewed and booked through web and mobile.
Tagoora is all about leisure lifestyle experiences. Tagoora's mission is to make its customer's life happier and enjoyable through leisure lifestyle experiences. Tagoora has experiences supporting different leisure lifestyles such as travel, beach, nightlife, fitness, yoga and meditation. On-location as well as virtual experiences are supported by the Tagoora Platform.

Let's start a winning product

Kickstart your winning product with a minimal cost as low as £2000, and witness tangible results with actual deliveries within just 4 weeks.

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