Crafting Digital Future

Who we are?

At Amplaz, we stand as your trusted software development services provider, based in the heart of London, UK, and our Software Development Center in the scenic Colombo, Sri Lanka. We're all about delivering top-notch software development services to our customers, thanks to our awesome team of experienced and customer-centric IT professionals.

Customer Centric
Results Oriented
Innovations Driven

What we do?

At Amplaz, we help companies to get empowered and grow through effective digitalization programs.

We provide,

Digitalization Consultancy

Digitalization Design

Digitalization Implementation

How can we help you?

Our powerful digital marketing and content creation services from "Amplaz Studio" as well as our high quality software development services from "Amplaz Labs" can help your organization to grow fast through effective digitalization.

Web Development

Mobile Development

Product Discovery

Product Development

Digital Marketing

Amplaz Labs

We provide high quality software development services with a team of experienced and customer centric IT professionals.

Amplaz Studio

We provide powerful digital marketing and digital content creation services with a team of creative growth hackers.

Let's grow digitally

If you’re ready to propel your company’s growth with effective digitalization programs, look no further. Connect with us today, fill out the form, and once submitted, our team will promptly call you back to arrange a free consultation session with one of our experienced consultants. Let’s elevate your business to new heights together.

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