About Us

Amplaz is a technology company focusing on customer centric digital innovation. We strongly believe in human first digital experiences. So we start with the end user’s real needs and work backward to identify digital innovations in the value chain. In a nutshell we help organizations to get empowered and grow through effective digitalization programs to “Craft Their Digital Future”.

Customer Centric

We revolve around our customers, ensuring their needs and growth take center stage in everything we do.

Results Oriented

We're a team focused on delivering tangible outcomes, ensuring our services drive measurable results.

Innovation Driven

We're a team fueled by innovation, dedicated to bringing cutting-edge solutions to our customers.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a world with exciting digital experiences.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create enriched digital experiences by developing innovative engagement models and technology advancements.


A – Absolute Attention to Customer

We pay absolute attention to our customer. Every single thing we do focusing on improving our customer’s life. Not just our customers, we do care a lot about our client organization’s customers as well. We always starts with customer’s perspective and works back on how we can improve their life.

M – Mindfulness

We always pay attention to the present moment mindfully with intention of understanding not only ourselves but also others, their feelings and emotions in order to make a better world with better solutions.

P – Passion

Passion is our DNA. Thats why we do, what we do.

L – Listening

We always like to listen others. Understanding other person’s ideas, viewpoints and pain points. We strongly believe listening is the beginning of solving problems and bringing amazing solutions to the world. Listening empathetically to others is not only a value, its a day to day practice for us, aiming improving ourselves better on it, day by day.

A – Accountability

At Amplaz, we take personal accountability for the actions we take. We dare to accept our mistakes and move forward without pointing fingers to others.

Z – Zippy Teamwork

We truly believe in teamwork rather than superheroes. We love to work as teams to bring real innovations into life while having fun. Teamwork always brings not only the best results for us, but also natural joy to us as well.

Our Locations

Amplaz Ltd
71-75 Shelton Street,
Covent Garden,
United Kingdom

Amplaz (Pvt) Ltd
39/1 A,
Ananda Balika Mawatha,
Pita Kotte,
Sri Lanka